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Advantages for companies

Industrial Site Dortmund Harbor

The transport carrier with best environmental record, the barge, links the Dortmund area with sea harbors in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Well maintained waterways allow the fast and economic transport of bulk goods to the eastern Ruhr region. Oils, coal, scrap metal, construction materials and container are typical goods, received in the harbor. Some are directly processed by companies situated in the harbor area; some are distributed by truck or railway to more distant companies.

Well organized Logistics are essential for the competitiveness of the companies around the Dortmund harbor.

The Dortmund Hafen Company Group offers with 300 employees all logistic services. These are reloading bulk materials from barge to railcar, unloading, storage and reloading of containers, arriving by barge or rail and leaving by truck or they provide railway transport service for any kind of products.

The Dortmund Harbor and Container Terminal support the local industry and trade with economic and ecologic services. They guarantee competitive logistics with least environmental impact.

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