Rohstoff Recycling Dortmund GmbH

RRD, Rohstoff Recycling (Raw Material Recycling) Dortmund was founded in 2001 in Hardenberg port, to supply the companies of the Georgsmarienhütte Group as well as external customers, both national and international, with a wider range of products. 

RRD has two sites in Dortmund, with a third site in Troisdorf where RRD process the arising scrap of "Mannstaedt Werke" with 2 Liebherr excavaters and a mobile sheer. Alongside scrap trade in its classical sense, RRD possesses modern equipment which conforms to all current environmental regulations.  These include a scrap sheer, three burning chambers, a detonation bunker, and two drop ball facilities at sites in Dortmund. 

RRD is also now running a new site in Gelsenkirchen Grimberg port with ball dropings, screening facilities and a direkt water link to the "Rhein-Herne-Canal".

This equipment means that byproducts such as skulls from a blast furnace or steelwork as well as heavy scrap from the processing industry can be processed specifically for individual customers.


recycling, transport, handling


Rohstoff Recycling Dortmund GmbH
Lütge Heidestrasse 115
44147 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 880841-0
Fax: +49 231 880841–11
E-Mail: info(at)

contact person:

Herr Schreiber
E-Mail: g.schreiber(at)
Herr Willam
E-Mail: r.willam(at)

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