Cultural Pleasure

Kulturvergnügen (which means cultural pleasure in English) is a private enterprise based in Dortmund.

The Managing Director, Ute Iserloh, is a free-lance cultural scientist who has been specializing in industrial culture, local history and everyday life stories since 1993. She set up the company in 2003.

The main pillar of the company is the Port of Dortmund. In it’s role as a business
location, a logistical centre and a place where ideas are born and implemented, this borough of Dortmund plays a live and vital part in industry and also is a place of cultural education.

As the largest canal port in Europe, Dortmund offers an insight into the many different fields of work, range of products and logistic variants to school classes and other interested parties, both local and from outside the area.

"Port plays School" for school classes means "learn at another place of learning" - in Europe’s largest canal port. The program is suitable for all years and is correspondingly tuned to the requirements of each individual class.

Also on offer from Kulturvergnügen

  • Port tours
  • Port tours by torchlight
  • Company visits
  • Long and short bicycle tours around the port
  • Guided tours of the Old Port Authorities Building
  • Evening programs such as Wine tasting; Hurrah, the Emperor is coming; Crime Thriller Feast; Beer from here at the port pier)
  • Walking tours through Europe’s largest canal port

The programs combine themes such as business, traffic, transport, geography, local and regional history, with pleasure and entertainment.


culture, tourism


Ute Iserloh (Kulturwissenschaftlerin M.A.)
Eisenmarkt 1
44137 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 47705-32
Fax: +49 231  47705-34
E-Mail: info(at)

contact person:

Ute Iserloh

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